no internet

for weeks I have either been travelling in wifi free zones or stayed at home where apparently the internet doesn’t work.


for this reason, I am currently spending heaps of time at the library. even more than I usually already do. in the mornings I pack my backpack full of food, my notebook, paper, pens and my to do list (not to forget all those endless movies and cds and books I borrowed and need to return). then I take a short walk through busy streets until I reach one of my favorite places in the city: the library.

a city library is very different from a university library. the latter is so earnest – and dull in a way. I prefer the atmosphere here much more. of course, heaps of people are working here, too, they sit at the various desks and concentrate hard on whatever they want or need to concentrate on. but you also find kids reading each other stories on those tiny chairs and comfy couches, people talking about yesterday’s news, people on huge wing chairs absorbed by exciting mystery novels, people laughing, people sharing their discoveries. you won’t get an angry “shhh” or a killer stare for turning the pages too loudly.

I could stay here all day, writing on my blog, researching, trying to find a new appartment. but now I am hungry and tired and I want to go home. so I’ll browse through the movie section and then I’ll come back tomorrow. for sure.


studio recording #2

as mentioned before, we decided to return to the CMC Recording Studio & Music School to continue working on our first album. it still sounds quite ridiculous to me: “we are working on our first album”. but well, I guess that’s what we actually do. we record our own work to hopefully one day be able to offer it to the public. I wouldn’t have been able to imagine this even a year ago. somehow it all just seems to fall into place and I am very grateful for the opportunity and the experiences gained.

this time we decided to give ourselves more room to breathe and stayed for eight nights instead of rushing down and pushing through. this way we were able to work more days in the studio, give two concerts and still have a day off to recover (which was definitely needed).


to noones surprise it was pouring again during our roadtrip south. however, during the week the weather improved and left us with some sunny breaks in between long work days and the opportunity to go for an evening walk every now and then to finally get some fresh air and a clear head.

after weeks, months even, of listening to the songs we recorded in July, we had a pretty clear vision of where we wanted to head with them. all eight needed some sort of adjustment: new guitar tracks, another voice track, a solo here or there. perfectionism can be a hindrance, yet in this case it proved to be a great upgrade to refine those tunes. (you will be able to listen to it at some point, promised.) and we worked really hard!

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gig #8 – the boat house revisited

we spent a third of October in the Southwest of Germany, in the state of Saarland to be exact (its nature seems to be quite astonishing – unfortunately we’ve neither had the chance nor the energy to go exploring). this is all I got to see during breaks and evening walks (after all, we were there to work…):

after a day of travelling south we started our musical adventure with another concert at the Renegades-Saar Bootshaus in Dillingen. when we arrived I saw that my painted chalk board sign from July had not been taken down; it just had been hanging there for months waiting for us to return. so we set up our gear in the same spot as the last time. it was strange yet comfortable to come back to a place we’ve performed at before. I was not as nervous as I usually am right before a gig.

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all pictures by Renegades-Saar

we played two sets at this cozy afternoon session with food, cake and coffee while it was drizzling outside. proper fall weather. Anja (from the Renegades – in between Bittes and me in one of the pictures above) went live on facebook during our gig, which can be seen here. we had a great time and, of course, will one day come back to this beautiful spot.


my favorite piggies <3

the first of November is nowadays also known as world vegan day, which over time has evolved into the kick off of world vegan month. as a longtime vegan, who is involved in animal rights activism, I wanted to share a short video of some pig love I experienced first hand last year in New Zealand at the Black Sheep Animal Sanctuary, where I lived and worked for more than half a year.

and you should also check out my awesome mate McKenna hanging out with her favorites: the goats.



people can be so amazing…

sometimes I hate humans and I don’t want them anywhere near me. but often, when I actually manage to interact with others, they really surprise me in a very positive way. for example: after two months of athletic abstinence I got back to my weekly training sessions on Monday. unexpectedly, my crew was super supportive and lovely and I felt so freaking appreciated just for being myself. they all seemed genuinely happy to see me back in their midst. it was such an amazing feeling that I didn’t know what to do with myself. I just wanted to hug them all and kiss them. that would have been super inappropriate, but anyway: they are freaking great! and I realized how much I missed hanging out with these guys, even if it’s just once a week.

another touchy moment occured today when I said my goodbyes to my favorite team at work. even though we only work in the same building and generally interact with each other outside of work, they all took the time off their busy schedules to hang out and enjoy a meal together and just sit and talk. plus I got some flowers 🙂


it’s so sad to go away from them, but so nice to be supported and appreciated. it was very bittersweet, when the wave of warmth rolled over me again. twice in a week, you guys.

I am happy.

people can be so amazing…


gig #7 – the maga_zine release party

time flies so freaking fast…

last Friday we had our 7th concert at a beautiful spot in Bremen. it was kinda outside, even in the chilly October air still super cozy. afterwards Bittes said: “this was the best concert so far”, so he was quite pleased. I have no freaking idea how it sounded ’cause I couldn’t hear myself the later it got, and the smoke from the bonfire started itching in my throat. I enjoyed it very much, though.

half way through I read my poem, which was a totally bizarre experience in itself. but also I could see, that I am becoming more comfortable on stage, just doing my thing, enjoying the music. not thinking so much about my appearance and my stage presence anymore. just natural. it’s very nice.

I think people liked what they heard and maybe, just maybe, something else will come out of this. but I will only tell you when I am sure, so fingers crossed, please 🙂