gig #5 –

last Saturday (edit: by now it is already four Saturdays ago – shame on me) we gathered our equipment from the studio, fitted it perfectly into the new bandwagon, and drove off to the boat house “Renegades Saar” in Dillingen (which is somewhere way southwest from where we live). it is such a beautiful spot, situated right next to the river, a bit off the grid with heaps of walkways surrounding it.


I found this pic here

Bittes and I were warmly greated by a couple of women who just moved in some weeks ago and before had renovated the whole place themselves (pics from that endeavour can be found here). a great project and amazing people. we were all probably equally excited and nervous about the concert that night.

so yeah, we unpacked our gear, painted a sign and waited for it to be time to play. 🙂 it was the very first time that we performed (nearly) all our songs (one was clearly not finished yet and needed to stay out of the spot light); a couple of them actually being premiered that evening. the gig had proper concert length and it was an amazing experience. people around us were coming and going, eating, listening and sharing the experience via facebook live streaming.

we will definitely come back! 🙂


urlaubsreif – take two

for weeks and weeks several blog posts have been sitting here waiting to advance from draft to published piece. but I just couldn’t. too much to do in too little time and I’ve been slowly morphing into an urecognizable grinch style puppet hoping the end of the world is just around the corner.

thankfully that didn’t really happen but instead I managed to push through and amen –  finally the salvation has arrived: vacation time, my darlings. fuck yeah! I am so excited about this that I simply couldn’t force myself to do more work (i.e. pack my bags for the trip starting in 11 hours ö_Ö). so I am sitting here, doing my little awkward happy dance and wishing for ice cream.


counting words

I cannot believe it. seriously people. I have been sitting here for approximately two hours (probably slightly more than that) trying to continue with the story. you know: the story! my book. I told you about this before.

so – what happened you ask? after two weeks of unbelievable emotional roller coaster rides and a looong day at work I come home totally ready to get going. all the necessary prerequisites fulfilled:

motivation – check

full stomach – check

comfy place to work – check

loads of time – check

no interruption – check

plenty ideas – check

candy stack – check

all good so far. seems like the perfect time and place to really get something done. so I start writing. and then I edit what I’ve written and rewrite and reedit and I dunno – work nonstop. for over two hours. no short facebook break or messaging a friend or checking instagram. none. not even a freaking second at the bathroom.

and then I lean back and look at what I’ve achieved. it’s not even half a freaking page. it’s probably less than this rant (which took about three minutes). I can’t believe it, so I count: honestly, guys, it’s just 151 words…


weekend is coming

 due to other engagements like work, recording, and a concert (I will write about those last two soonish!) I haven’t had any time at all lately to continue on my newly started book. or write new songs (and there is outrage simmering underneath the smooth and smily surface – I am telling you: it needs to be taken care of!). my fingers are itching and too many ideas float around in my head.

lo and behold, this upcoming weekend is going to be the first completely appointment free mini vacation in I don’t know how long. (and it is going to be the last for at least two months unfortunately.) today I actually had a little sneak preview of what some free time with only me, myself, and I might look like. and I am sooo freaking excited about it.

oh yes, it IS vegan spaghetti ice cream 🙂


it’s time

the first time I was thinking about writing a book, well, I don’t even remember: it was probably around the time I managed to draw my first a’s and o’s. so yeah, it’s been a while. since then I’ve had some ideas come and go, but nothing ever stuck. it seemed such a daunting task to fill endless pages with one cohesive narrative. I soon realized it was nonetheless quite easy for me to tell a story in the form of a poem. or better yet: a song. the latter being able to convey authentic emotions without needing to find the exact words for them. you can just feel what’s happening through listening to the melody. so songwriting became my go to form of artistic expression.

about 16 months ago I was immersed in one of my hour long walks along the beaches of Raumati South in New Zealand (look at this beauty – I even googled it for you), when I had an idea for a new story. this was not unusual as I would often “write” the lyrics for a song during one long walk. depending on the flow, sometimes I needed more kilometres than at other times. this time not only words kept popping into my head but an extensive narrative was developing. (it was the longest walk yet). realizing that this was way too complex for a page long rock song (or whatever genre this is), I decided to turn it into a short story.

this idea was soon to be pushed out of the way by other song ideas as I was in a musical frenzy at that period of my life – writing approximately twelve songs in only one month or so. this was right after I had decided that I wanted this (meaning: being a musician, creating my own art) to be my future and not just another project coming to nothing. the story slowly faded away.

until yesterday, that is. as the second day in a row during which I had nothing to do (finally some free time, hurray) and after practicing harmonies and lyrics of the songs we are about to record, doing some sports, reading, and watching series, I was slowly starting to be super bored. then all of a sudden, I remembered this story that had been out of my mind for over a year. inspired by a few different sources (I might talk about those some other time) I sat down and created an outline for the story and began to work. I have already written about ten pages and have a fuckton of ideas on where to go with this. it’s amazing. sometimes I really do manage to surprise myself.


yeah, so this is what it looked like last night (obviously there was a document on the screen, it was just too freaking bright for my camera)

I don’t want to reveal too much, mainly because it could turn out to end up as something really different from what it is now and then noone can roll their eyes and say: we knew you wouldn’t finish this. what I can say is that it is obviously not written in English (this language might do for a blog or some songs, but I am no way near fluent enough to actually write a novel, that would be preposterous) but my mother tongue German. also: it is going to be fictional with random biographical elements thrown in. so, yeah, it’s gonna be a German semi-biography if you will. that’s enough for now, I need to get back to writing.


my instant escape (from reality?)

one of my very recently developed passions is being in love with Instagram. (for everyone who up until now successfully refused to dive into the new digital possibilities: Instagram is an app on your cute little smartphone/a site on the internet, where people can share pictures and have them marvelled at and liked by friends and strangers alike).

simply everywhere one looks negativity and depressing shit can be found: on the news, in your facebook news feed, in the newspaper, on the streets… just not on Instagram. (at least it seems to be quite a rarity there; an anomaly on its own little island, gladly overlooked and successfully ignored.) it’s freaking incredible. when I press that colorful little button and the app opens, feelings of joy instantly nestles in my abdomen. I encounter beautiful color palettes, breathtaking nature, cute and unusual animals, people laughing, people doing fun things, people having around people they love and people enjoying life in general. with Instagram I am allowed a glimpse in seemingly infinite little worlds seen through uninhibited, filtered, square glasses. and somehow this makes me incredibly happy. escaping the stressful and daunting place life can sometimes be, this becomes my daily journey into the world of good news and happiness.

 (my share of itsy bitsy flashes of my life can be examined here)


gig #4 – the SPH bandcontest round 1

last weekend we went off to Braunschweig with the Pussycat in our trunk to perform at one of the first rounds of the nationwide SPH Bandcontest. thanks mainly to my wonderful brother and his efforts, we had quite a nice group of friends and family (and strangers) there to support us through the night.


as can be seen on the poster above, there were five other bands apart from us. all battling each other heavily into the groudn to get to the city finals. well, not really. everyone was surprisingly nice and making an effort to cheer on the competition. so it ended up being a great and enjoyable night with completely different musical performances. we chose the 5th slot to go on stage (you know, the unofficial headliner 😉 ) and had a freaking blast up there. it proved to be even more fun with three people compared to just the two of us.

to get a glimpse of what happened that night have a look at the following video with some special retro flair:

(yes, you saw correctly – I SAID something in between songs. plus I clapped, danced AND even smiled. progress, man. I am such a quick learner.)

so at the end of the night the audience and a jury chose three bands to continue on to the next round. I’m so glad I didn’t have to decide on anything, as all bands were kinda cool and unique in their own way. we made 3rd place (despite the fact that some of our supporters forgot to submit their vote…ehem), so congrats to us. (as we unfortunately cannot make any of the few remaining city finals this season, we might have to sit this one out for a while and come back for it next year.) second place was for Jose (such a nice guy) and the winner was Lost Boy. there was even a wild card handed out this evening, which means that on top of everyone else Raum12 also made it. happy tears were falling and marriages were proposed (I obviously made that up).

and then there was our very personal afterparty – I danced my ass off…and I tasted blood. so there will be more night life action in the future. (this I solemly promised myself). so, if anything can be taken from this night it’s the following:

life is kinda awesome!