a while ago (more exact: in July 2016) I decided not to give a fuck about my insecurities and lack of financial resources anymore and simply go for what I’ve always only dreamed about: being an artist. a musician. a storyteller. a singer and songwriter. plus maybe an awesome bass player once I gain the patience to sit down every. single. day. and work on those finger exercises (not very likely in the near future to be honest).

I started singing when I couldn’t yet properly understand all of the words in those catchy German children’s songs – and I haven’t stopped since. there have been choirs and bands and gigs and even first steps at writing my own songs long ago. even so, the decision to put music at the very centre of my quirky little universe was made only a couple of months ago (meaning approx April 2016 – time flies, you guys).

furthermore, I have been reading and telling stories since before I can remember. in a way writing songs I then perform is my way of combining the two spheres of music and storytelling I love so much. nonetheless, I do write other things which are mostly longer than songs – and they are in German, because, you know, it just feels more appropriate.

I also paint and draw (and I have only started to shyly share this with the world) and try to do new things like movies and zines and photography and what not. I need a creative outlet. even if the outcome sucks big time. (who is to judge art anyway? 😉 )

to sum it up: on my blog you can read about the situations, challenges and opportunities I have encountered since I have made this life changing decision. the whole thing is kinda like an openly shared diary – I realized I have stopped filling the pages of one of those many notebooks I used to rant in while going on about my life on here. also, I share both my/our songs (so far from Caan & Bittes only) and poetry/stories (mostly in German) for anybody who is interested. my visual art can be found on my instagram account.

so, enjoy, leave me a comment, follow the blog, check out Caan & Bittes various channels (like facebook, youtube, and soundcloud) and my other personal channels (like the other souncloud, and instagram) or – I dunno – contact me 🙂

cheers CQ