a while ago I decided not to give a fuck about my insecurities and lack of financial resources anymore and simply go for what I’ve always only dreamed about: being an artist. a musician. a singer and songwriter to be precise. plus maybe an awesome bass player once I gain the patience to sit down every. single. day. and work on those finger exercises.

I started singing when I couldn’t yet properly understand all of the words in those catchy German children’s songs – and haven’t stopped since. there have been choirs and bands and gigs and even first steps at writing my own songs. even so, the decision to put music at the centre of my quirky little universe was made only a couple of months ago (meaning  approx April 2016). how about that.

now I am at the beginning of a new era. the beginning of my journey. it’ll be here where you can read about how far I get and what will (hopefully) be happening on the way. so yeah, this is me…Caan Quest


UPDATE mid 2017:

so this is taking a slightly different turn and starting to become something more general: “how my life changed after I moved to Bremen”…or something similar. until I know what it’s all about I leave the original text for you (also I am way to lazy right now to rewrite the whole thing)